Winning South Carolina lottery ticket out of friend’s store trip

GREENVILLE, S.C. — A South Carolina woman says she was merely accompanying a friend who was buying a lottery ticket when she ended up being the real winner on a scratch-off she decided to buy.

The friend was going to the Garden Spot at 1913 Cedar Lane Road in Greenville with plans to win big on a Powerball ticket.  But the woman who ultimately won said it was her Carolina Gold 100X game ticket that ended up actually hitting the jackpot.

The winner told lottery officials that she didn’t jump around or even scream when she won the $300,000 windfall because she was in such shock.

Now, she plans to share the benefits of one in 900,000 luck to help others. She said she plans to share the money with friends and family – possibly even the friend who she was with when she made the winning purchase.

Also benefiting from the ticket is the Garden Spot in Greenville which will receive $3,000 for selling the ticket.

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