Wilmington woman wins $200K in second-chance lottery drawing

WILMINGTON — The “most magical place on Earth” will be the first stop for Agnes Gore after scoring a couple hundred thousand through the N.C. Education Lottery last week.

Gore won $200,000 in a second-chance drawing.

“I want to take my 10-year-old grandson to Disney World,” she said in a press relase.

On June 15, Gore played Multiply the Cash and told lottery officials, at first when she saw she won, she thought it was a scam.

“I just started laughing because I really didn’t believe it,” Gore said in a press release from the lottery. “I know it’s for real now though.”

Gore picked up her check Tuesday, which paid out $142,020 after state and federal taxes.

The payout was the second of four drawings in the Multiply the Cash promotion. Gore won from more than 70.4 million entries. 

Multiply the Cash tickets are automatically entered when scanned into players’ personal lottery accounts. Drawings can cull a $200,000 top prize, 10 $10,000 prizes and 50 $500 prizes. The date of the third drawing is Oct. 5.

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