Washington lottery vending machines now accept debit card

Washington’s Lottery will soon accept a second form of payment in lottery vending machines in addition to cash. Players will be able to pay with debit cards at lottery machines, too.

According to a recent press release from Washington’s Lottery, lottery vending machines across the state will take debit card payments. Throughout the next few weeks, all vending machines will be updated for the payment method change.

Once the updates are complete, players can only purchase lottery tickets at machines with cash, debit cards or by turning in a winning ticket to the machine to use its value. Credit cards will not be accepted at vending machines.

There is no minimum dollar amount for debit card purchases, and Washington’s Lottery will cover any debit card transaction fees, according to the press release.

Players will be able to add multiple lottery tickets from different games into their “shopping cart” on the vending machine and enter their debit card and zip code to purchase tickets.

There is a $700 debit spending limit for lottery purchases over a seven-day period.

To find a nearby lottery location, visit the Washington’s Lottery website. Lottery tickets cannot be purchased online.

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