Virgin Australia Unveils Middle Seat Lottery Prizes That Money Can’t Buy

In a continuation of its Bring On Wonderful campaign launched last month, Virgin Australia has announced a set of middle-seat lottery prizes that money can’t buy.

Bring On Wonderful was aimed at the theme that having a nice flight is just not good enough anymore, it has to be a wonderful flight. Central to the experience is turning the once-dreaded middle seat into the most sought-after seat on the plane. Yesterday, Virgin Australia rolled out its latest suite of prizes in the Middle Seat Lottery, made from trolleys that once carried tepid tea, warm drinks and soggy sandwiches along the aisles of Boeing 737s.


The four limited-edition bar carts, valued at up to AU$10,000 ($6,700) each, are part of the AU$230,000 ($155,000) prize pool up for grabs to anyone who sits in a middle seat on eligible Virgin Australia (VA) flights. The competition runs until April 23rd, 2023, and all the T&Cs are on the VA website. The carts cannot be bought, unless you bargain with one of the four winners, and they have features like a disco ball, boombox speaker, TV projector, popcorn machine, drinks cooler and other necessities of life. In their own words and hype, here’s how VA describes them:

Disco Fever bar cart: Complete with shimmery exterior and spinning mirror ball, there’s a cocktail shaker, Bluetooth speaker and smoke machine to evoke your inner dancing queen.

Virgin Australia Disco Fever Bar Cart

Photo: Virgin Australia

The Day Spa bar cart: Decked out in stylish rattan and containing the most premium spa accessories (think plush robe, silk eye mask and squishy slippers!). The aromatherapy diffuser and luxury candles are designed to instantly refresh and relax the mind and body.

Virgin Australia Day Spa Bar Cart

Photo: Virgin Australia

At Home Cinema bar cart: Upholstered in rich red velvet with a completely customisable cinema-style letter board, this bar cart comes complete with popcorn maker, candy bar and movie projector. Truly turning the at-home cinema experience into something wonderful.

Virgin Australia At Home Cinema Bar Cart

Photo: Virgin Australia

The Sports Bar bar cart: The perfect accompaniment to an afternoon watching the game. With a removable esky and Yeti coolers to keep drinks ice cold, the bar cart comes complete with a Marshall speaker to not miss a moment of commentary, plus your very own AFL Sherrin [Aussie football] and pop-out basketball hoop – should you feel so inspired by keen spectatorship that you’re game to play along.

Virgin Australia Sports Bar Bar Cart

Photo: Virgin Australia

What does Virgin Australia say about the carts?

Virgin Australia chief marketing officer Libby Minogue said the bar carts reflect the airline’s sense of innovation, fun and award-winning service as it enters a new era of flying.

“The bar cart is synonymous with aviation, and we have never before given our guests the opportunity to own a piece of our operation. We expect aviation enthusiasts from all over to try and get their hands on them, but I’m pleased to say they’re under lock and key at a secret location and only available to winners of the Middle Seat Lottery.”

How to win one

Virgin Australia 737

Photo: Virgin Australia

If you’re feeling lucky, all you have to do is book a middle seat on one of VAs 737-800s and enter the lottery. If you want to win the Disco Fever bar cart, you need to be very quick because that is only up for grabs between November 14th and November 20th. Please don’t blame us for the short notice! The other carts are winnable as follows:

  • The Day Spa cart: December 5th to December 11th.
  • At Home Cinema cart: February 20th to February 26th
  • The Sports Bar cart: March 20th to March 26th.

This is a fascinating marketing ploy by Virgin Australia. The airline says its Middle Seat Lottery has been featured globally on CNN, Saturday Night Live and in Forbes magazine. These prizes will no doubt get some more exposure to the re-born Virgin Australia.

Is that enough for you to actually ask or book a middle seat on a 737? Can you imagine people being disappointed to miss out on the middle seat?

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