‘Unusual Play’ Leads To Six-Figure Windfall For Maryland Lottery Player

A Maryland Lottery player who uses a unique strategy while playing his favorite games has cashed in to the tune of a six-figure prize by playing the same numbers on multiple tickets and hitting it big, according to lotto officials.

In Frederick County, a 57-year-old nurse from Frederick won a total of $302,656 playing “Bonus Match 5” on multiple tickets that were sold at Eastside Liquors on East Street earlier this month, authorities announced.

“Normally, when a player matches all of the winning numbers in a ‘Bonus Match 5’ drawing, that person takes home the game’s $50,000 top prize,” officials noted. “Of course, these players usually have just one ticket with the winning combination.”

The player did not choose to disclose a name, according to Maryland Lottery, though he was willing to explain the strategy leading to his success, which also produced upwards of $200,000 in winnings in the past.

“It’s a combination of numbers that have been drawn in recent weeks and a few random ones thrown in,” the medical professional said. “And then, I buy six tickets. I know it’s all random, but I’ve won a lot using this system.

“I recognized (the numbers) immediately, but my tickets were out in the car, so I ran to get them just to make sure that I was remembering correctly.”

He said that he immediately shared his news with his wife, who didn’t believe him initially.

“I showed her the tickets and the winning numbers on my Lottery App,” he said, adding, “she started screaming.”

The couple has no specific plans for their six-figure windfall, they added.

Eastside Liquors will also benefit from the Maryland Lottery player’s strategy, as it will receive a bonus of $500 per top-prize win for a total of $3,000. 

“Bonus Match 5” drawings are held nightly, with the Lottery selecting five winning numbers ranging between 1 and 39. A Bonus Ball is then drawn from the remaining 34 numbers, providing an extra chance to win. 

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