UK Lottery: Three prizes remain unclaimed

Three National Lottery winners who have not claimed their £1million prize have been called upon by the authorities to come forward to receive their money. The winning tickets have been purchased in Liverpool, Portsmouth, Gloucester, however, the owners of the ticket have not claimed the prize, reported The Sun. Around 360 people have become millionaires in 2021 after they won the National Lottery.

More than £4.7 billion was given to around 857 players who won a prize of £50,000 or more. Lottery officials have urged the players to check their tickets as the winners have just weeks left to claim the prize, as per The Sun report. After a few weeks, the lottery amount is given to the charity. The request of Lottery bosses comes days after one winner lost out on a £1 million Euromillions fortune after the winner did not claim the prize within the 180-day deadline.

Camelot’s Andy Carter told The Sun that they are urging players to check tickets. The ticket bought in Yorshire and Barnsley is waiting for owners to claim prizes totalling over £200,000. A special Set for Life Ticket is also awaiting an owner. The ticket was bought in Northampton and the winners receive £10,000 a month for a year.

Lake Havasu City family won $108 million jackpot

Earlier in October, a Lake Havasu City family who chose to remain anonymous had claimed the $108 million jackpot from an October 22 drawing in the United States. The winning family that includes a married man, a woman and her brother would receive an amount of $75.2 million before taxes after they chose the lump sum cash option.

The ticket was purchased by the winning family at a bar, located at 2120 McCulloch Boulevard, North Lake Havasu City in Arizona on October 20, the Arizona lottery informed in a press statement. The winning ticket matched all the numbers in the Friday,  October 22 drawing. It was just the second time that a Mega Millions jackpot was awarded in Arizona.

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