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Another Friday calls for another Mega Millions lottery drawing. This time around, the jackpot has reached $1.2 billion and people in the Tri-State are feeling optimistic.

“Something tells me this is probably going to be the winner,” said George Stoneyearl Jackson, a Henderson resident. “Whenever it gets this big sometimes, I always try to get one and let my parents get one too. Maybe we can hit it and that way we can all go ahead and do what we want to do.” 

Friday, Palmers gas station in Henderson, Kentucky, saw dozens of customers stop in just to get their hands on a Mega Millions lottery ticket. 

Heather Manion, a cashier at Palmers said each time a customer buys a ticket, she wishes them the best, hoping that someone in the Tri-State will be the winner. 

Although it is a very slim chance, it’s a risk Tri-Staters are willing to take. 

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