These Louisiana Lottery Scratch-Offs Still Have Big Prizes to Win

Scratch-off tickets from the Louisiana Lottery are always a big hit at Christmas at my house and they can be at yours too if you know which games still have the most and biggest prizes remaining.

The top prizes left on the board for Louisiana Lottery scratchers range from $500,000 to $1,000 and there are more than 50 active scratch-off games you can find throughout the state if you want to know which games give you the biggest bang for your buck, keep scrolling.

What is the Best $20 Scratch-Off Game from the Louisiana Lottery?

Even if you went to public school you can do the math on this one, I know I went to public school in Mississippi and was able to figure it out. Your best bet on a $20 scratch-off is a game called 100X. Three of four $500,000 dollar prizes remain available for that game. The reason it was easy to identify 100x as the top $20 scratch-off is that it’s the only $20 game currently being offered by the Louisiana Lottery.

What is the Best $10 Scratch-Off Game from the Louisiana Lottery?

As far as your chances of winning big money we’d have to say your best bet would be a game called 50X. All five of that game’s top prizes of $200,000 each are still available since the game has only been active since October 10th of this year. Blazing Suits would be your next best bet with three remaining $200,000 prizes still unclaimed. Games like Bonus Money, Big Money, and Diamond 10s only have one top prize remaining. Of those three Bonus Money might be the better play since there are fewer tickets left and still a big prize available.

Courtesy Louisiana Lottery

Courtesy Louisiana Lottery

What’s the Best $5 Scratch-Off Game from the Louisiana Lottery?

Our research suggests that would either be 20X or Deck The Halls, both of those $5 scratchers have all of their top prizes available for the taking. 20X has five prizes of $100,000 you could win while Deck The Halls has three $100,000 prizes still unclaimed. The best of the rest would be All About the Bens with three $100,000 prizes out of five still left to claim followed by New Orleans Saints, Plu$ the Money, and Ka-Pow. Each of those $5 games has two $100,000 top prizes left for players to claim.

What’s the Best $3 Scratch-Off Game from the Louisiana Lottery?

Of the seven $3 games currently on offer from the Louisiana Lottery, we’d suggest you play either All The Marbles or Crossword Gold. Both of those games have all four of their $30,000 top prizes unclaimed. For the best of the rest, I’d opt for King Crossword which has three of its five $30,000 prizes unclaimed but 92% of the game’s other prizes have been taken. So, chances are if you hit on King Crossword, you’ll hit big.

Granja Guillen via YouTube

Granja Guillen via YouTube

What’s the Best $2 Scratch-Off Game from the Louisiana Lottery?

There are currently 16 different $2 scratch-off games on offer from the Louisiana Lottery. In our opinion, your best chance to hit it big will be by playing Cheery and Bright, 10X, or Triple Luck. Each of those games has four top prizes left to be won. the game 10X has four $20,000 prizes remaining while Cheery and Bright has had none of its four top prizes of $12,000 claimed. Triple Luck has four of its five top prizes of $13,000 remaining as well.

What’s the Best $1 Scratch-Off Game from the Louisiana Lottery?

The games Top Dollar, Ca$h In!, and Money Honey all have four top prizes remaining for lucky players to claim. Top Dollar has a top prize of $6,000 as does Ca$h In!. Money Honey has four of its eight $3,000 top prizes still available. The rest of the $1 scratch-offs appear to offer at least an adequate chance of claiming a top prize although many of those games are down to their final one or two big prizes before the games are sunset from play.

Steve Johnson via

Steve Johnson via

Do Scratch-Off Prizes from the Louisiana Lottery Expire?

Of course, they do. There are currently seven different games the Lottery will be sunsetting between now and March of 2023. The games that require your attention the soonest are Craw Fish which has a final redemption date of December 15th. The deadline for claiming prizes in Triple Tripler and Ruby 5’s is December 28th. So, if you’re holding those tickets or gifted them for the holidays you’ll have to act fast.

Where can I see the Louisiana Lottery List of Scratch-Off Games and What Prizes Remain?

All you had to do was ask, here are the games that are currently active, and here is a list of the games about to expire. You’re welcome.

USA Mega via YouTube

USA Mega via YouTube

What are the Largest Unclaimed Prizes in the Louisiana Lottery System?

Currently, there are over $1.7 million dollars in unclaimed Powerball winnings in the state. That’s not a big surprise since Louisiana has had big money winners in that game in every drawing in November. However, the Powerball prize that is closest to expiring is a $50,000 winner from last July. That ticket was purchased in St Amant and it will expire on January 26th.

As always in any game of chance or game from the Louisiana Lottery we encourage responsible play. If you can’t afford to lose the money, don’t spend the money and if you feel as if you have an issue with gambling please call 1-877-770 STOP (7867) and get some help.

However, we do hope our suggestions and insight into what prizes are left on these games will help you play a bit more wisely and win a bit more often. Now, what should you spend that lottery money on?

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