The Story of Any Lotto 10 Previous Draws Analysis

Winning the lottery is possible only with your active involvement. This concept will not become a widespread reality overnight. It will take a while, but it will happen. Your involvement should start from the internal details of lotto evolution,of course, with some distance and objectivity, and moves ahead with a particular attention given to the signs that can show you what numbers have a high potentiality to be drawn next time.

In this phase, you have a great advantage and you have to do everything possible to get it. It is about to make some combinations of six numbers based on these signs and control in the next draw that you need to analyze. For example, you analyzed 10 previous draws and found some signs. You make a combination based on these signs. Now, control it in draw number 11. So, you can correct eventually your mistakes. If you did not find something special, continue with your analysis of previous draws until you will find it.

In order to help you understand better about what I am talking here, we will try to exemplify in practice right now. Suppose that we already analyzed a group of 10 previous draws. Now we make the first statistical acumen which gives us the ability to understand and reason for what we have analyzed it. We find that in the left side of the page, there are still 14 numbers that were not drawn in these 10 draws. This means that from a total of 49 numbers, 35 numbers have participated to the formation of these 10 draws.

Some numbers took part only once. We see them in column number one. Others have participated twice. They appear in column two. And only four numbers appear here and there in the columns three, four and five. The fact that you have already five columns in 10 draws, is a little unusual and it is a sign that tells you that your system is in a hurry to push the numbers ahead. In other words, a part of the numbers found actually in the column one and two, will become very active in the future. In this case, I suggest you to copy all the numbers from these two columns and keep them on a separate piece of paper, until you reach to analyze 20 draws, to observe the change.

Now, let us go back to the 10 draws we started with. The first our finding was that your system used majority of its numbers to form the above 10 draws. It is not an exception. From my experience, I can tell you that in every group of 10 draws, you will find majority of lotto numbers. What this thing tells you? Think logically. Again from my experience, I can tell you that where are the majority of numbers, there are also the majority of winning numbers for the next time. If you do not believe it, please control it in draw number 11, as I said above. And you will see five winning numbers that were already drawn in the previous 10 draws.

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