The Fundamental Pattern of Lotto System

The fundamental pattern of lotto system is the unanswered question: ” How we can know what lotto numbers will be drawn next draw?”. However, just knowing the fundamental pattern alone is not sufficient to find the answer. With merely this pattern, you would never get any answer. It is because the germinating cause for searching an answer does not satisfy the need to find an answer. The answer must already be, without any doubt, deep-rooted in your mind. This is a potential and this still latent potential is also a pattern called ” function pattern “.

The process of finding an answer to this question is therefore a gradual hint and a gradual idea-estimation to the function pattern, by converging and combining and incorporating the fundamental pattern and the function pattern into a whole. The result will be a complementary pattern consisting of the question and the answer. This assemblage is called knowledge. As soon as you can say that you know and feel the answer, your fundamental ignorant pattern met with the knowing function pattern and by that means, has solved your unanswered question.

The process of gradual hint and gradual idea-estimation to the function pattern goes around all the sides of function pattern, encircling it more and more until it became affiliated with the core of function pattern. This knowledge you can not find into empirical data because it is located in the high level of perception. It is more a deepest comprehension of the problem and has a spontaneous and intuitive feature.

However you may ask an another question like this:” When you know that you have found the right answer to fundamental pattern question?”. My answer to this question is that the evidence will come to you from the process of assemblage. As soon as the fundamental pattern fits the function pattern, the two become a whole. They are complementary pieces and only whole is complete and it can be called knowledge. Both the problem and the solution are part of the knowledge. This is my holistic point of view.

You should know that a problem can have a few solutions. This is so because the solution is also a pattern and the solution pattern depends of the problem pattern. and problems can be set up in different ways. If the structure of the fundamental pattern accentuates more the logical side of the problem, the answer would be also of a logical sort. Then you believe that only a logical answer may be the correct one. Based on what I wrote in this article, try to find an answer to the fundamental pattern of lotto presented here. I will be more than glad to hear your answer.

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