South Carolina winning lottery ticket change life, winner says

LANCASTER, S.C. — A woman in Lancaster County says a sizable lottery jackpot – the last one in this particular game – has been life-changing.

The winner, who asked not to be identified, told South Carolina Education Lottery officials that she bought the Crossword Bonus Cash ticket at 93 Discount Beverage on Chesterfield Avenue in Lancaster.

According to officials, what she found after scratching the ticket brought her to a sudden stop.

“I kept checking it over and over again,” she told them.

This jackpot winner had taken the last $75,000 prize in the game and beat 1 in 600,000 odds. And the luck is finding its way to the store where she bought the ticket as well.

903 Discount Beverage is getting a nice $750 commission for selling the ticket.

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