Solid Evidence That You Can See the Future Lotto Numbers

The criterion I use to verify myself for all what I affirm and do, is the criterion of experimentation, observation and acid test. All what I pretend here is factually significant for you if, and only if, you are ready to verify me. For that you should to know what observations I collected, under what conditions and in what form I worked. To make my position clearer, only if you are ready to experience what I have experienced, then you have a right to accept or reject my statements. If you choose an another option, then please listen to me and believe me. I know what I am talking about.

You can reach an extraordinary ability to identify the future lotto numbers based on past drawn combinations of numbers. I use intentionally the word “identify” and not the word “predict” how it is used high and low on the Internet, because the word predict does not correspond to lotto reality. I do not want anyone to make a reference to a parapsychological domain or to something mystical. What I did and what you will do if you want, is a very realistic and logical way of a practical importance.

Take the sequence of the last 50-60 or more previous draws of a particular lotto system, arrange the drawn numbers in columns by their frequency and continue to do so until you reach the actual live draw. From this arrangement and analysis you acquire knowledge usable in the future events and you learn how to identify the winning numbers for the next draws. It will happen so because any lotto system works in cycles of about 50 draws. It is so because the sequence of the last previous draws contains concrete and visible numbers and non-random circumstances and conditions you can verify all the time.

All what I told in the precedent paragraph represents the characteristics of the whole lotto process. With every live draw the lotto process generates new data in the same manner in which it did in the past. Then the past information can be used to identify the winning numbers for the next draw. The past information can be delicate, attenuate, implied, or very sophisticated. But always it is precise and informative. It gives you a big advantage that you need to exploit. You learn to identify the numbers on paper and immediately you have the feedback in the form of the next live draw and you can to verify yourself and eventually correct your mistakes.

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