Sioux Falls holds first liquor license lotteries

Licensing Specialist Jamie Palmer hands a Bingo ball to Human Relations Specialist Lyndsey Meier during a lottery for available on- and off-sale liquor licenses on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, at City Hall in Sioux Falls.

Maybe the novelty of Sioux Falls’ license lotteries has already worn off, or maybe marijuana is just a little bit more exciting than alcohol.

The near-silent atmosphere of the city’s first two liquor license lotteries Wednesday morning was a far cry from the commotion that came alongside the city’s medical marijuana lottery last year, where it was standing room only.

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Even though 103 applications were turned in between the two lotteries, there were more city staff manning the bingo cage Wednesday in City Hall than there were audience members.

And any celebrations from those chosen for one of the seven on-sale licenses or 16 off-sale licenses were near-silent — not a single air horn to be heard.

Amulya Rai, representing Kathmandu Indian Cuisine on behalf of his brother, points happily toward a fellow applicant after the company got the 13th of 16 available off-sale liquor licenses during a lottery by the city on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, at City Hall in Sioux Falls.

Amulya Rai, with Kathmandu Indian Cuisine, said he was excited to be selected for an off-sale license, although it was his brother who had turned in the applications, one for each type. \They’ll have to try again next year for an on-sale license.

The lucky 23 winners will now need to pay an additional $500 in fees for an off-sale license or $240,646 for an on-sale license.

Applicants will be notified via email that they have 30 days to submit a conditional use permit, if required. That permit process must be concluded within 60 days of receiving the email, and once received, applicants have ten days to submit their fees and a uniform alcoholic beverage application.

If no conditional use permit is needed, applicants will have 60 days to submit the fees and uniform alcoholic beverage application once they receive the email notification.

Should any of those deadlines be missed, the next applicant will become eligible for the license.

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This wwas the first use of the lottery system for the distribution of liquor licenses since the city adopted it, following approval of its use in the medical marijuana license process last year.

City Finance Director Shawn Pritchett double-checks his records against the order the Bingo balls were drawn after a lottery for available on- and off-sale liquor licenses on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, at City Hall in Sioux Falls.

The next lottery will take place whenever a license becomes available, whether it’s one that’s currently held by a business or one granted following an increase in the city’s population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Wednesday’s winners are listed below:


  • Vikash Patel, 4109 W 57th St.
  • Pfive Investments, 5013 N Annika Ave.
  • Vikash Patel, 2712 S Ellis Rd.
  • Maple Inc, 4110 W Maple Street Ste 102
  • Rack City Billiards, 309 S Bahnson Ave
  • Anusiya LLC, 2409 W Russell St
  • Initiative Investments, 1105 N Minnesota Ave


  • Arsiya Inc, 1605 W Burnside St
  • Vikash Patel, 4105 W 57th St
  • Vikash Patel, 2704 S Ellis Rd, Ste 103
  • Vikash Patel, 3505 W 49th St
  • Marion Investments LLC, 5021 W 62nd St North
  • Casey’s Retail Company, 500 N Kiwanis Ave
  • Casey’s Retail Company, 3236 S Sycamore Ave
  • Marion Investments LLC, 5201 N Annika Ave
  • Marion Investments LLC, 5100 N Marion Rd
  • Mapletree Inc, 4110 W Maple St, Ste 105
  • Pfive Investments, 5021 N Annika Ave, Ste 101
  • Pfive Investments, 5017 N Annika Ave
  • Kathmandu Indian Cuisine, 5310 E Arrowhead Pkwy
  • Casey’s Retail Company, 901 E Benson Rd
  • Stern Oil Co Inc, 3501 W 49th St
  • ASAVP LLC, 1720 N Louise Ave

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