Opinion: Going After Your Lotto Jackpot

Lotto players use a variety lotto strategies to improve their chances. Many are simple and straight forward. Others are more sophisticated and complex. Under certain conditions a serious lottery player may actually attack their lottery using very aggressive tactics.

Of course, the strategies used depend largely upon the personality of the player. And, as you well know, the temperament and disposition of a player could run the gamut from very conservative to wild and free. This is how one of my favorite players might play the lotto. Let me introduce ‘Gunnar the Gambler’.

Now, Gunnar may be wild and free but, that doesn’t mean he isn’t a smart player. He never makes a move without a reason. He is methodical in his analysis. Bottom line; he is neither foolish nor reckless. He analyzes the lottery with his lottery software program after every drawing looking for lottery number patterns and trends that might benefit his play.

Gunnar loves Lotto Texas. He has just updated his lotto history with yesterdays winning numbers. Next, he uses his lottery software program to analyze Lotto Texas. One graph shows how the lotto numbers have been trending; high or low. The graph has a relative scale from 0 to 100.

A low value indicates the lotto numbers are trending toward low values and high values indicate that the opposite is true. It is while studying this graph, that he notices that for the last 20 drawings the values have been trending middle to low. After further study, he notices that it’s never gone this long before without hitting above 55.

Bingo! Being a gambler, Gunnar sees the opportunity. He is going to bet that, in the near future (not necessarily the next drawing), the lottery will hit above 55. So, he decides to dedicate a major portion of lotto budget to wagers that score 55 or higher. Gunnar is going aggressive.

Aggressive Lottery Strategies

Gunnar’s lottery strategy may be aggressive, but it’s not foolish. Like any professional gambler, Gunnar is playing the odds. His is not a random choice. It is an intelligent choice. Lotto numbers will always trend back and forth from low to high. This is true for all lotteries.

Therefore, sometime in the near future the winning numbers will plot a point on the graph above 55; guaranteed. Gunnar has positioned himself to take advantage of that event when it happens.

For those of you that think this is no big deal, think again. When this event occurs, Gunnar will have eliminated 15,916,945 wagers from play! If you’re having difficulty wrapping your mind around that one, I’ll restate it.

These nearly 16 Million wagers have absolutely no chance of winning the lotto jackpot! And, none of Gunnar’s money was wasted on any of these losing wagers. His entire lottery budget was concentrated in the pool where the future winner was swimming.

This is an aggressive move by any standard. But, it wasn’t foolish. Gunnar developed a lotto strategy that was well thought out and well considered. And, lest we forget, gambling is all about playing the odds and that is exactly what Gunnar is doing.

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