Maryland Construction Worker Playing Hooky Wins $100K Lottery Tickets From Liquor Store

A construction worker made a decision last month that wound up boosting his bank account by $100,000, according to the Maryland Lottery.

The Bowie resident was headed to work on Saturday, April 23, when a series of events put a winning Power 10s scratch-off in his hand, reports the lottery.

First, the 58-year-old man realized he wasn’t needed on site that day so he decided to enjoy a day off and stopped by TJ Beer, Wine & Liquor in Takoma Park to purchase scratch-off games, including three Power 10s tickets, according to the lottery. 

While playing one of the games, he noticed the number “10” appeared on every line so he won whatever prize was shown next to the “10.” The lucky father of three daughters revealed $1,000 and $10,000 prizes down the line, equaling a total of $100,000, according to the lottery. 

“I knew right away it was a winning ticket,” he said. “But, I still scanned it to be sure”, he stated to lottery officials. 

The scan confirmed his $100,000 top prize win, and the lucky man went directly home to share the news with his family, reported the lottery. 

“They were all so happy for me, but you know girls, they all wanted me to buy them something,” he said to lottery officials.

The anonymous winner plans to use the prize to help his family, take care of his girls, purchase a few necessities and maybe take a vacation, according to the report.

The retailer who sold the lucky ticket at the 7669 New Hampshire Avenue location in Montgomery County, will also prosper from the win. J Beer, Wine & Liquor will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery, lottery officials confirmed.

The Power 10s game went on sale in November 2021 with eight $100,000 top prizes, 20 $10,000 prizes and 49 $1,000 prizes. The game gives players 28 chances to win prizes ranging from $10 to $100,000, in a statement made by the lottery.

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