Man plays WA lottery game one more time, wins big

A man from Seattle won $595,000 in August 2022 playing Hit 5 in Washington’s Lottery.

A man from Seattle won $595,000 in August 2022 playing Hit 5 in Washington’s Lottery.

Washington’s Lottery

A Seattle man decided to switch things up by playing a new Washington lottery game in August.

He wanted a chance at winning a higher jackpot so he bought 10 Hit 5 tickets.

But he didn’t end up with a single winning ticket. The next day, he decided to try again — this time winning the $595,000 cashpot.

Before he made his way to Washington’s Lottery Everett Regional Office to cash his prize, he thought he was dreaming.

“Pinch yourself and wake up already,” he said.

The man plans to invest his money for the future.

The Hit 5 game costs $1 a ticket. To play, a person picks five numbers between 1 and 42 or a computer can select the numbers.

“With four winning ball combinations, the more numbers that match those drawn, the more a player will win,” according to a Sept. 19 news release from Washington’s Lottery.

This story was originally published September 20, 2022 2:05 PM.

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