Lotto Outcome Brought By Water

An energized water has special healing qualities. But after I have read the discovery of Dr. Masuru Emoto, I began to use it for different other purposes. Since then this is what I do every night before the bedtime. This is what I want you do every night before the bedtime. Water is the essential component of life. Humans are made of 70% water. Water has electromagnetic and chemical qualities which make it able to break down substances into their constituent parts. Water is also capable to absorb energy vibration. Dr. Masuru Emoto, a Japanese scientist used a device called magnetic resonance analyzer (MRA) in his experience on water and other substances. And he discovered that every substance has its own magnetic resonance field. If so our thoughts, sounds and words have an effect on water. And water has an effect on our health.

The electrons in the atom are in permanent movement around the nucleus. The effect of such motion is the vibration. The vibrating waves are the source of energy behind the nativity of all things. This source of energy emits a magnetic resonance. The magnetic resonance in our bodies is influenced both positively and negatively by our thoughts. Negative thoughts influence the microorganisms in our body in such a way that the result can be illness. Remember that we live in company with different microorganisms and also they live in water and so they respond to our thoughts. Positive thoughts increase our own electromagnetic resonance which results in a great quality of health. This resonance is circulated by our vital energy and it can be projected by our hands. Then we can heal ourselves and others even at a big distance.

How we can increase our energy field? We can do this simply by our thoughts, strong desires and imagination. We can project it by our hands and we can transfer it to the water for a specific purpose we want to manifest in reality. We can complement our field of energy with a specific information and use it for a specific outcome. Imagine your energy flowing on the surface of your hands. Feel a warm sensation. In this moment imagine the outcome you intensely desire. For example, you want to heal yourself, or somebody else, you want to buy a house or win the lottery. Anything you desire you can get with energized water.

How to transfer your energy to water? Energizing water is simple and effective. I used it for healing or revitalize my flowers in garden. Get a glass and load it with water. Place the glass on a table. Sit comfortable in front of the glass. Place your hands on either sides of the glass. Your hands do not need to touch the glass but they need to be very close to it. If your hands touch the glass, make sure they do not touch each other. Enter in a meditative state and start to imagine your desired outcome. Make your mental imagine vividly and clear as much as possible. Make it for at least five minutes. Now your water is energized and you can use it.

How to use the energized water for lottery? After you learned how to energize a glass of water, it is easy to use it for your desired lotto combination. Imagine your desired combination while you sit in front of your glass in a meditative state. Imagine it clearly for five minutes and after this, drink the water slowly while you continue to imagine your desired outcome.

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