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If you are comparable to most of the other people in the world then I’m sure you would like to win a lotto award which would let you possess the nicer things in life and savour a comfortable and prosperous existence. The lottery offers a real chance to experience the financial freedom and wealth usually reserved for the super rich and famous. For most of us this life is just a dream. However if, just as most other people do, you would like to transform that dream of a lottery win into the actuality of it, then you need to really continue reading this article!

Daydreaming about winning the lottery is as far as many people get when it comes to wealth creation. Living life free from monetary restraint and financial fears is something that everybody desires. It’s a shame that nearly all people “buy into” a belief about the lottery that is absolutely untrue.

Most individuals believe, falsely, that the lottery is totally about luck and it’s only luck that plays a role in the winning of it. But this is altogether false!

Let me explain:

Achieving that elusive life-changing lotto win may seem like a matter of fortune for most individuals but for a few select people winning it is just a matter of time.

How could that be?

Well, when you purchase lottery entries using the traditional ways you are merely placing all your hopes on random numbers. These random tickets are usually created through an assortment of methods all of which are purely arbitrary in nature.

Whether you have picked your numbers based on significant days, lucky numbers, omens, prophetical dreams or just chosen a random play you actually have more of a chance of being struck by a bolt from the heavens in the form of lightning than you do of landing the lotto jackpot.

Nonetheless, it is possible to modify those odds in your favour when you employ the proper techniques.

When you examine the lottery in the right way then you see it not just a matter of luck but a matter of utilising probabilities that can help you win. For example in an ordinary six from forty-nine lotto draw (where you have to match 6 winning numbers from a potential 49 as is the case with the United Kingdom Lottery) the odds of winning this draw are a massive 14 million to 1.

By simply spending fourteen million UK pounds you can positively guarantee yourself a top lotto win because you can use that £14 million to buy all possible combinations of the 49 numbers that the game can produce.

Taking this approach to win the lotto can ensure a win in the lottery but it would cost more than you would probably win and with that type of money you would not need to win on the lotto anyhow!

That example does demonstrate clearly though that the lotto is not simply a game of chance but is actually a game of probabilities. When you know how to exploit the probability of choosing winning numbers and purchasing a winning entry everything changes without the need to spend millions of pounds or dollars!

Utilizing sharp numerical techniques it is possible to give yourself an unfair benefit over other lotto players and dramatically grow your own odds of winning a huge prize.

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