Individual winner hits NT$331 million Lottery 6/49 jackpot Sunday

Taipei, Jan. 30 (CNA) A lucky individual in eastern Taiwan’s Taitung County hit the jackpot in Taiwan’s Lotto 6/49 on Sunday, winning the top prize of NT$331 million (US$10.97 million), according to Taiwan Lottery Co.

The winning numbers for Sunday’s Lottery 6/49, the most popular lottery held by Taiwan Lottery, were 02, 08, 09, 15, 27 and 31 in the first section and a special number of 42 in the second section.

The winning first-prize ticket that had all seven numbers was sold at a lottery outlet in Taitung City, according to Taiwan Lottery.

The Lotto 6/49, in which lottery ticket buyers have to pick all six numbers drawn from a total of 49 numbers to win the top prize, is usually held every Tuesday and Friday.

To mark the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac and to boost sales, Lotto 6/49 is being held through a daily draw for 17 consecutive days from Jan. 20 to Feb. 5.

Special draws are also being held during the same period, in which buyers who correctly pick any six of the nine numbers drawn win NT$1 million or share the prize money with other buyers who also have any six winning numbers.

The nine numbers from the special draw on Sunday were 04, 05, 08, 09, 10, 11, 24, 29 and 48. Forty-two NT$1 million prizes were won by 62 buyers with six winning numbers, including 25 sole winners, 14 winners who each shared prizes with one other winner, and three who shared prizes with two others.

A total of 360 prizes of NT$1 million each are set to be awarded during the 17 consecutive days. So far, 345 lottery buyers have won 281 of the NT$1 million prizes, including 221 winning NT$1 million each while the rest split the NT$1 million prizes with other winners.

In addition, the rollover jackpot in Tuesday’s Super Lotto draw is expected to hit NT$370 million as there have been no winners in the last three draws, according to the company.

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