How to Win the Lottery in BitLife


There are many ways to get rich in BitLife, and winning the lottery in the game may be the most tedious of all. Characters that hit the jackpot will inevitably walk away with millions that should set them up for the rest of their digital lives. Winning the lottery is a challenging and time-consuming endeavor, but this guide will show players how to win the lottery in BitLife with enough tenacity and patience.

How to Win the Lottery in BitLife

The most effective and simplest way to win the lottery is by amassing lots of cash early in your life. While the exact amount of money necessary that players will need with vary from character to character and from career to career, most players should start off with around $10,000 before they go for the lottery in BitLife.

With about that much in hand, players should look for the lottery within the “Activities” tab and begin buying 10-ticket batches. These batches cost $50 each. Fans of the game should continue buying them until they have a winning ticket. This is the simplest, but possibly the most time-consuming, method. Persistent players should become lottery winners before they have spent all their money.

Other Methods to Winning the Lottery

Instead of wasting five figures on tickets, players can also wait until they receive a notification that shows that it is a good time to play the lottery. Notifications like these are few and far between, but your chances of winning the lottery are substantially increased during these times.

The Lucky Dice Heirloom also makes winning the lottery a lot easier. After obtaining one out of the 100 heirlooms in the game, buy as many tickets as you can so you can win the lottery.

There are plenty of other ways of getting rich in BitLife. Players should not stick to just trying for the lottery if they are unsuccessful.

BitLife is available now on mobile devices, or you can play it online here.

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