How to Set Your Goal of Becoming a Lotto Winner

Setting your goals is a question of your personal interest and not the interest of your neighbor. You do not make this in favor of anyone, but in your own favor. And yet a suggestion from me, do not tell to anyone what your next goal is.

Imagine you tell to a friend that you decided to learn how to be a lotto winner. Your confidant will react with an “Oh, how, where, when? I also want.” Then you will feel a sudden push of satisfaction, but in the same moment you lost a portion of your motivation and gain a sense of false accomplishment. So, do not tell to anyone your next goal. This is the smarter strategy. By not telling to anyone, you can be sure that your goal is divine, especially when it comes to an unusual goal like this of winning the lottery. Anyone else will not have the occasion to assault you with his opinions and unsolicited advice.

One thing you must know. Becoming a lotto winner is a big goal. People have a million excuses not to set a such goal. You can hear, “It is impossible, it is unrealistic goal, it is not easy, I have not luck, it is randomly, it is white, it is black” and so on. It is better not to hear them because all the things like these will discourage you. Listen only to my voice. I experienced it, I know that it is a big challenge, but I also know that it is possible to become a permanent lotto winner. And for that you set this goal. 99% of the lotto players are losers. It is so because they are convinced at the subconscious level, that they are incapable to win the lottery under other conditions than by luck. The superficial excuse always will be:” I have not luck”. In reality, the true cause is that they have not a goal for it, a plan, a willingness or a zeal to make any effort or for developing a repertoire of necessary skills.

Having an unusual goal like this, believe me, it is an adrenalin pumping solution for a better physiology of your mind and body, and for staying powerful and courageous face to face with the inevitable trials and difficulties that go along with this process. In this unpredictable world, who is foolish enough to turn his back to a verified strategy that begins with setting a goal, a single goal of being financially relaxed? I hope it is not you, dear reader. And, please receive my last suggestion. One of the essential aspects of reaching this goal is moving forward in small manageable portions of information. After this apply and verify what you have learned.

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