Greece Powerball Results: Tuesday 09 November 2021

It’s That Time again when the Latest Greece Powerball draw results are released. Tonight is no different and this could be your lucky chance to take home the Greece Powerball r Jackpot.

The Joker (known as the “Greek Powerball” or “Lotto”) is one of the lotteries in Greece’s OPAP portfolio. It is a six-number draw that takes place three times a week, however, it can be played anytime during the week.

Greece Powerball Results Winning Numbers:

Below you will find the latest results for Greece Powerball. We update results every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evening. We show the results live on this page and don’t forget to bookmark this page to stay up to date on the latest results.


01 03 25 27 44 BONUS: 08

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More about the Greece Powerball (Joker)

Greece Powerball Lotto shares some similarities with games like the World Lottery and its Powerball counterparts, but it was created in 1997. Tzoker (the Greek version of Joker) started out with “winnings beyond imagination.”

They have been successfully achieved many times over thanks to this excellent lottery which offers superb rewards and has a track record for being trustworthy when compared against other national lotteries around Europe!

Greece Powerball is owned and operated by Tzoker and was founded in 1997. Previously known as the Greek Joker, The Greece Powerball lotto has seen announcements of more than a Billion Euros in winnings.

Ods of Winning

To stand a chance of winning the Jackpot, you must match all six numbers. What makes the Greece Powerball lotto so popular is that there are a total of 8 prize divisions. A player only needs to match one number plus an extra number to win. See the table below.

15 + 11 in 24,435,180Jackpot (24.9% of ticket sales)
251 in 1,286,0623.85% of ticket sales
34 + 11 in 122,175€2,500
441 in 6,430€50
53 + 11 in 3,132€50
631 in 164€2
72 + 11 in 247€2
821 in 53€1.50

How to Play the Greece Powerball lotto

To play Greek Powerball, all you need is to select 5 numbers between 1 and 45 as well as one Joker/Powerball number between 1 or 20. You may choose multiple entries if desired.

Draws take place Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings at about 10 PM. Draw times may vary, please bookmark this page for the latest Results and updates.

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