FFXIV Patch 6.11 release Schedule, Maintenance & House Lottery Fixes

FFXIV Patch 6.11 is coming this week, which means server maintenance and some important fixes.

The good news is that Square Enix is expected to share full patch notes after the update has been released.

And this will mean finding out everything that has been fixed or changed across PlayStation and PC platforms. The one thing to note is that while some important improvements are being planned for the FFXIV Lottery System with Patch 6.11, it won’t bring the system back online.

More on that and the official FFXIV patch release and maintenance schedule can be found below.










When Is FFXIV Patch 6.11 Coming Out?

Square Enix has confirmed that its latest Final Fantasy 14 update will be arriving on April 25 in North America and April 26 in the UK. This will happen after server maintenance has been performed and is an important part of the whole process. Final Fantasy servers will go offline starting at 11pm PT (7am BST) and will be down for several hours.

Square Enix has confirmed that downtime should end at 3am PT on April 26, 11am BST if you live in the UK. The Home World Transfer Service will be suspended 30 minutes before maintenance begins and will be unavailable until maintenance has ended. The game’s official Companion app will also be undergoing maintenance but will follow a different schedule. The FFXIV Patch 6.11 rollout will start after 11am BST and include all the necessary files to get back online and reconnect to servers.

And while we don’t have the patch notes just yet, we do know that some important will be made to the new housing system. However, while these tweaks will be implemented this week, they won’t end with the system back online, as this is being scheduled for later in 2022.

A message from Square Enix explains: “The maintenance for Patch 6.11 will impose a temporary suspension of plot purchases and relocation for all players, including winners of the recent lottery. This suspension will continue until the fixes and data restoration for the housing lottery system have been successfully implemented. We encourage all players to finalize their winning claims or relocation plans before Tuesday, April 26, when the Patch 6.11 maintenance is scheduled to take place.”

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