Dubai-based Indian driver hits $4 million jackpot in lottery draw

Ajay Ogula, a Dubai-based cab driver from India, won a prize worth $4 million in the Emirates lottery draw. Ogula was shocked that he had won the lottery, Khaleej Times reported. He said, “I cannot believe I hit the jackpot.”

Ajay comes from a humble village in southern India. He moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) four years ago in search of more opportunities. Currently, he is a driver for a jewellery business in Dubai and earns around $800 every month.

However, Ogula is well-intentioned and wishes to use the amount to aid his village people with primary necessities. He mentioned, “I will continue building my charity trust with this money. It will help many people in my hometown and neighbouring villages.”

Back in India, Ajay’s family, including his mother and siblings, did not believe that he had won the lottery and had become a millionaire. However, he continued, “They will have to believe me now as I will be in the news.”

Paula Leech, a 50-year-old British national, won $21,000 in the same draw as Ajay Ogula. She has worked as a human resource professional in the UAE for 14 years and is a mother of three.

Not all cases are like that Ajay’s. A few cases of lottery jackpots in India have had their downsides. Earlier in September, an Indian man named Siddharth from Kerala won around $3 million in a lottery draw. However, before he received any lottery money, the man found himself surrounded by people who wanted to borrow money from him. Things got worse so much that he could not step out of his house.

On the other hand, Laura Spears, a US woman, found a $3 million lottery ticket in her spam email folder. Shocked, Spears said it was ‘hard to believe.’

(With inputs from agencies)

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