Discover Win For Life Italia And Win Millions In Cash

As time passes by, lotteries are also starting to develop. Some of them are becoming intricate, while others are becoming more predictable. But a more complex, yet exciting change happened to the world of lottery or even to the world of gambling and gaming as a whole when a new type of game was introduced in Europe at the last stretch of the first decade of the new millennium. Win for life Italia has made headlines around the globe both as a new craze and as a controversial lotto game.

This type of game is popular, not only in the entire continent of Europe, but in the United States as well. People have been patronizing this because it gave them a higher probability of winning, as what they believe. Although the likelihood of hitting the jackpot is comparable to that of any lottery game, people thought that by betting ten numbers out of twenty, instead of six numbers out of 56, increased their chance of becoming an instant millionaire. But the truth is, this new lotto game used a different theory of probability that will give a fair and a not-so-easy possibility for all its players to win the top prize.

An exciting part about Win for life Italia is that it is unique in its own way. For one reason that unlike other lotto games, this one is being played every hour for twelve hours everyday. Yes, a person can expect twelve draws daily, and thus he can win more than once before he goes to sleep. This is where the controversy started, because a lot of questions have been raised regarding the frequency of the draws, but this new system of lottery has proven that this issue has not given birth to any social dilemma yet, and that people betting their odds on this kind of game can’t get enough of it.

Another interesting fact about this new trend is that the jackpot prize is not handed over to the winner in full sum, but instead it is being paid through monthly installments or just like in a form of a salary. The duration of the disbursement of the cash prize is up to twenty years, and its value is not necessarily affected by any attempt of inflation that can happen within that given time period. Also, if there are more than one winner for a particular draw, the jackpot prize is divided equally among the winners and is being paid in the same manner – on a monthly basis.

This kind of lottery is being managed by Sisal, an Italian company that is privately and exclusively operates on gaming and gambling activities. Although the frequency of betters betting for their winning tickets is also high because of the frequency of the draws, Win for life Italia is a type of lottery that shares its income to social projects, such as reconstruction of the areas affected by natural disasters in Europe, and some health missions to under developed countries. In the coming years, this lotto game is expected to change the entire phase of lottery across the globe.

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