Diablo Immortal: How to Enter the Shadow Lottery

So what do you need to do to enter the Shadow Lottery in Diablo Immortal? The Shadow Lottery is an in-game event that takes place three times a day in the game world Diablo Immortal. To enter the shadow lottery, go to the Westmarch tavern on Rakkis Plaza. This tavern is on the other side of the Apprentice Jeweler building, so it’s not hard to find. Anyone can take part in the lottery, but for this, you need to fulfill several preliminary conditions. Our guide aims to explain how to enter the Shadow Lottery and join the shadow faction.

How to Enter the Shadow Lottery in Diablo Immortal?

As we said, to enter the shadow lottery, you need to fulfill several conditions:

  • Your character level must be 43 or higher.
  • You must complete the main quest chain in Bilefen.
  • We also advise you to get good gear, as it will come in handy later.

Once you meet the conditions, you can head to the Westmarch Tavern in Rakkis Plaza. Three times a day, namely at 12 pm, 6 pm, or 9 pm, the NPC Mysterious Patron appears in the tavern. If you have met the conditions, you can interact with it. After talking to Mysterious Patron, you will learn a little more about the shadow faction and become a participant in the shadow lottery.

By the way, the number of places to participate in the shadow lottery is limited, so you should wait for the appearance of Mysterious Patron in advance.

In about an hour, you will receive a letter in the mail which will tell you whether you won or lost. The chance of winning is random and does not depend on any conditions. It all depends on luck. But if you lose, you can enter the lottery as often as you like.


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If you win, you will have to prove your worth to the faction by completing several tasks. To do this, you need to talk to the Mysterious Patron again, after which you will receive the Shadow Mettle quest. Shadow Mettle includes several story quests designed to tell you about the shadow faction.

By completing these quests, you will have to fight mobs, collect items, go through a small dungeon, and defeat Ancient Champion’s bosses. At the end of the path, you’ll find a chest containing Akeba’s Signet and some random rewards. Next, take Akeba’s Signet to NPC Mysterious Patron, after which you will become a member of the shadow faction.

Diablo Immortal is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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