California Lottery Has New Tool to Track Money for Schools

SACRAMENTO – The California Lottery has unveiled a new and interactive tool that lets the public see how much California Lottery funding goes to schools by county and by school district.

Image of Alva Johnson.

Alva V. Johnson.

“We developed this follow-the-dollars feature on our website to help Californians better understand the true purpose of the Lottery,” said Alva V. Johnson, California State Lottery Director. “We exist solely to generate additional money for public schools, and this tool demonstrates our commitment not only to our mission but our commitment to transparency as well.”

The tool allows people to hover their mouse over an interactive map of California, breaking down the dollars by county.

Image of the California Lottery









Visitors can also type a specific county name in the search field above the map to view the Lottery’s latest and historical contributions to education for that area.

Image of the California Lottery logo. The map and search functions are also able to work on mobile devices.

Additionally, the tool will also allow people to narrow the search even further by looking at how much Lottery funding has gone to a specific school district or school.

Image of an example of the California Lottery's new interactive tool for Sacramento County.









For more information on how to use the interactive map, please watch this instructional video.


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