Bad Idea Selling Lottery Flash Drives For $50 Each On Cyber Monday


Bad Idea Comics is a relatively new comics publisher from Dinesh Shamdasani, Atom Freeman, Joshua Johns, Karl Bollers, and Anthony Militano. A direct-to-retailer publisher, eschewing digital and trade paperbacks in favour of one-cover one-per-person comic book sales from big comic book names. The new rebranding has seen them, continue to launch PR stunts to a) get attention and b) raise money by exploiting FOMO of comic collectors, even as the details are increasingly made more ridiculous. We have had them selling rocks, doughnuts and even used stickers, but their Black Friday 2022 offering was at another level with bowling pins and toy TVs. Now for Cyber Monday? Flash drives from between $50 to $500. And in the process talking about that Mark Waid comic from Bad Idea called They’re All Terrible.

Now Bad IDea Are Selling Flash Drives

  • TODAY ONLY: Cyber Monday Flash Drive Lottery — See Unannounced BAD IDEA Comics, Win Original Art, Own One-Of-A-Kind Masters & More!
  • ORC ISLAND concluded less than a week ago, but it’s already being heralded as a “stunning work of staggering genius by all involved. A true masterclass in comics.”
  • ESCAPE FROM WYOMING is only one issue in and has already been called “a MEN IN BLACK for our generation. Incredibly inventive, fun and moving.”
  • THEY’RE ALL TERRIBLE hasn’t even come out yet and people are already saying, “I loved it! It’s my favorite thing the writer has ever written, and those visuals were incredible,” and “It hasn’t come out yet? Oh, um….I must have….ah, caught an early screening or something,” and “Of course I know it’s a comic book not a movie. I just, you know, talk about comics that way too,” and “Yes, I can name the writer. You’re being weird. Oh look, I’m getting a call. I gotta take this, I’ll see you later. oh hi Mark.”

So what’s the deal?

  • We’re offering stylish BAD IDEA branded 1GB Flash Drives for sale. Each flash drive comes preloaded with one sneak peek at upcoming, unannounced BAD IDEA comics, a one-of-a-kind BAD IDEA master recording, or instructions for redeeming a 1 of 1 physical prize!
  • Be the first to experience the horror masterpiece Joshua Dysart has birthed by reading from his script.
  • Bear witness to the underwater high-octane, action-packed, blockbuster Doug Braithwaite has brought to life by seeing pages upon pages of art.
  • Feast upon a life-changing, never-before-seen cover to a yet-to-be announced spacefaring epic by Lewis LaRosa.
  • Is SAVE NOW getting the feature length treatment? Only you can find out.
  • Who are the superstar creators soon to be making their BAD IDEA debuts? You have the power to discover the answer.
  • What could possibly be happening in ENIAC 2? You can learn the truth.
  • Where is HONG KONG?
  • Who is THE PRIEST?
  • Why is BAD IDEA so excited about vampires?

WHat else?

  • If you’re lucky, your BAD IDEA Flash Drive will instead come preloaded with one of the original one-of-a-kind masters from BAD IDEA’s video and audio marketing. The power of The Button in the palm of your hand. Bagsley Boardsman anytime you want him. Jingle jangle or rock out to the freshest BAD IDEA drops all day long.
  • There’s still more. If you’re incredibly lucky, your BAD IDEA Flash Drive will have nothing on it except a small, short text document informing you that you have won a real-live, physical 1 of 1 BAD IDEA prize. Every physical prize is a unique item with no duplicate or substitute. Original art used to produce BAD IDEA comics, one of a kind merchandise, items from the desk of BAD IDEA staff, unique memorabilia, limited edition comics.
  • Each flash drive is preloaded at random. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of possibilities for what you’ll find. Buy as many as you like before the midnight deadline. The more you buy, the more you’ll get to see, the more you’ll have to trade with others or post for the world to see, and the better your chances of obtaining a master recording or winning a 1 of 1 prize!

And it costs between $30 to $50 for each flash drive, depending how many you buy, with $10 on top.

  • One (1) BAD IDEA Flash Drive: $50
  • Five (5) BAD IDEA Flash Drives: $200
  • Ten (10) BAD IDEA Flash Drives: $375
  • Fifteen (15) BAD IDEA Flash Drives: $500
  • Each additional drive beyond fifteen: $30

And that “orders the 15 level are guaranteed to include at least 1 original master and 1 physical prize.”  Paypal the amount to [email protected].

It’s a bold money-making and hype-driving tactic, I will give them that. Thoe willing to go through such hoops, send your full name, mailing address and the number of drives you’re ordering in the note. Offer valid today only. All orders must be received by midnight PST November 28th. Please allow up to 8-10 weeks to receive your order. And here’s more to come.

Now Bad IDea Are Selling Flash Drives

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