Ad Of The Day: National Lottery Follows Christmas TV Spot With OOH Special Build

Billboard in Shepherd’s Bush comes complete with twinkling lights and an enormous lottery ticket.


Would you give up a winning lottery ticket for love? / Adam&EveDDB

In ‘Christmas Love Story’, released last week, a young woman and man meet on a train and, after realizing they have a connection, frantically try to exchange phone numbers as she leaves the train. Sadly, the phone number that is written on the back of a lottery ticket gets smudged and viewers are left on the edge of their seats wondering if the pair will meet again.

To coincide with the film, a special build out-of-home ad featuring the couple will run at The Pump Station at Westfield Shepherd’s Bush for the next two weeks.

Standing 2.6m high and 7.6m across, the billboard comes complete with twinkling Christmas lights and an enormous lottery ticket that waves in the wind.

Anna McInally, head of marketing communications at The National Lottery, said: “We want to bring our Christmas love story to as many people in as many formats as possible. Our special build at Westfield is designed to raise awareness of our lucky love-struck couple and bring a bit of Christmas magic to people as they do their Christmas shopping.”

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