A Couple Won 6 “green Sticks” In The Lottery And Soon Broke Up

barry chuwen and his wife jennyof Scotlandhe won a ticket for 6 million dollars (4.8 million pounds sterling, in its native currency) biggest prize of lottery National. This happened in 1997 and they became the biggest winners in the history of the country.

Barry was 27 at the time and was able to start the career of the investor and real estate agent he had dreamed of. Everything seemed ideal in 2008 when he already had an empire $25 millionbut all abbreviated Due to the financial crisis of that year. Apart from this, another company of his went bankrupt in 2020.

Currently, charities are scrutinizing regulators’ finances “Teddy Bear”One foundation Created by couple with the aim of help children with disabilities and built in memory of Ted, their son who was born dead in 2004.

One of the charitable works done by Teddy Bear is helping a family of young Canadians tumor cerebral And this travel financingSports teams to so-called special schools and even travel to the 2012 Olympics.

Barry Chuven and Jenny win $6 million but their lives turn into a nightmare.

What happened to the $6 million winning pair Barry and Jenny?

Barry, who is now 52 and has 3 children, admitted that during those difficult years of his life there was a parallel relationship With someone you met at work. “I apologize to Jenny and our children and hope to continue to be a loving father to them as they grow up.”, Told. In addition, he said that the discussion “cause of a lot of stressOther than this Pressure business-related and long periods of ill health”,

Due to infidelity and financial problems, they decided sell plush mansion With which he had dreamed from his youth and was able to buy after the huge amount of money earned. It is located in the city of Glasgow 5 rooms Anything else? impressive sights, Home offers received so far 2 lakh of dollars.

“Barry and Jenny have a great time, they have a lovely family and helped many people along the path. However, unfortunately a challenge arose which they could not overcome.said a friend of the couple. ,Winning the Lottery Isn’t a Guarantee of HappinessAnd many winners can attest to it”He added.

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