A Canadian Lottery Player Thought He Only Won $10, But The Same Ticket Won Him $10 Million More

A Canadian man has been playing the same set of lottery numbers for years, and was finally hit with a big prize. A man named Andy Badrien said that he has been playing the same number in the Ontario Lottery for the past three years, and although He was happy to win the first $10, then finds out the ticket has given him $10 million more.,

The 38-year-old pilot from Ajax City decided to try his luck in the draw of the game ‘Lotto 6/49’ on 10 August.

“I checked my ticket on the OLG (Ontario Lotteries and Gaming Corporation) app and then had to scan it several times,” said the lucky winner.

It was thus that the man first learned that he had won $10 dollars, but that wasn’t all: Badrien also won a guaranteed prize of $1 million, which With 10 dollars her net worth came to $10 million, which equates to over US$7.6 million.,

“I had to call OLG to make sure it was real. I was shocked when I realized it!” He remembered.

Badrien plans to be practical with his money: He will pay some of the bills and make some investments. But he also said that he would have fun with the money, as the new millionaire would take a vacation.

,It’s Real: It Brings Happiness And A Mix Of Other Emotionshe said while receiving the big check at the OLG Awards Center in Toronto.

Badrien’s ticket to victory was purchased at the Mi Fuel store on Shepard Avenue in Canada.

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